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P R I S C I L L A   W I S E

Writer, consultant & entrepreneur, Priscilla Wise founded Priscilla Wise Management, LLC in 2008, to diversify professionally and engage multi-passionately.

A creative, problem solving, writing, mentoring, analyzing, data junkie, who enjoys applying these strengths in multiple arenas:


Priscilla’s book, Wise Screenwriting – A Start-up Guide, will be published in Fall 2017.

She is currently engaged with six television projects:

  • Creator/Writer – half-hour comedy series, including pilot & outline of the first three seasons
  • Co-Producer – music competition series with a twist, drawing on her love of music
  • Creator/Writer/Producer – Seat 23C, a multi-genre, narrative shorts series, to be produced for the film festival circuit
  • Co-Writer – two one-hour drama/comedy series pilots
  • Co-Creator/Co-Writer – Delivered, half-hour quirky, slightly dark comedy pilot

As a Script Editor, projects include scripted & unscripted television, narrative & documentary features, docu-series, web-series, & narrative shorts.

Continues to expand industry network. Participates in sales & distribution conferences, film festivals, film/TV business panels, writing seminars & attends a screenwriters’ group. Weekly research topics include TV/film markets, industry trends, distribution, financing, guilds, conferences & festivals.


Streaming Channel – In the beginning stages of launching her own streaming platform. The slate of curated content will be exclusive to the service. Priscilla’s initiative for the channel is to provide both distribution and additional revenue streams for independent filmmakers, employing a cooperative business model to achieve this mission. Launch date will be announced in fourth quarter of 2017.

Previously partnered in the launch of two startup companies, from the embryonic stage. They are in the social media, entertainment and marketing spaces.Provided strategic direction, executive coaching, due diligence and recruitment; created the foundational business structure; and facilitated the application process for admission for tenancy at a prestigious start-up incubator, the Florida Innovation Hub at The University of Florida.


With 20+ years of experience, Priscilla is skilled in project management, strategic planning, system design and implementation, fiscal and data analysis, technical writing, & personnel management.

Project Manager, who led cross-functional teams through large-scale system implementations and collaborated throughout all levels of client organizations.

Accountant with extensive managerial and cost accounting experience, and prior direct responsibility for a $420 million annual budget. Has managed all aspects of financial operations, including: budget development and control, line item pricing for $500M in annual revenue, product mix and volume determinations and supervising billing operations.

Supervised Medication Use Information Systems. Developed comprehensive requests for proposals, managed vendor selection, negotiation, and contracting. She initiated, managed and staffed a 24/7 on–call support program for 2,000+ users.

Appointed Clinical Instructor, Adjunct Faculty at the College of Pharmacy, University of Florida, the first with a non–clinical degree to hold this title.

Editor for a healthcare technology consulting firm. Technical Writer, developed extensive business continuity procedures, training manuals, technical specifications, and departmental policies.

Priscilla Wise earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting at the University of Florida. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

For more information, please email info@priscillawise.com

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